Anything Wet Pools & Spas: Get What You Pay For

Anything Wet Pools & Spas has served the South Florida region since 1997, and established a track record for outstanding customer service that any company would be proud of. The company specializes in new pool and spa construction, and the remodeling and renovation of existing pools, spas, decks, fountains, outdoor kitchens and fire pits, and more.

“Not only did I get what I paid for,” said one delighted Anything Wet Pools & Spas customer, “they also installed a walkway to tie in the whole pool deck at no charge. What company does that anymore? I would recommend this company to my family and friends!”

It is this commitment to excellent customer service that sets Anything Wet Pools & Spas apart from the rest. “I normally don’t like dealing with office workers (secretaries),
since they normally set you aside,” said one customer, recalling how skeptical she was at first. “But I must admit that I was
impressed with how prompt they were at getting back to us, no matter
the subject matter. The owner of the company introduced himself, and
after every visit he gave an update of what was going on and what we
can do to help.”

Anything Wet Pools & Spas

An in-ground swimming pool can be customized to fit just about any yard, no matter how irregular its property lines are drawn. This is the sort of design challenge that the Anything Wet Pools & Spa professionals relish. Pools are a great investment and go a long way toward increasing the value of a home. And industry research shows that swimming pools are more popular and in demand than ever before.

“We are so impressed with Anything Wet Pool and Spa’s customer service,” said one satisfied customer. “We recently shopped for pool supplies to bring back with us to our guesthouse in Jamaica. We had a slight problem with one product. I called, fearing I was out of luck because of our distance, but was reassured they’d do everything they could to assist me. [One employee in particular] was fantastic at responding to my emails and easing my nerves. They actually replaced my item, which was very expensive, FOR FREE! And shipped it to me FOR FREE! Now THAT is what I call EXCELLENT customer service.”

“What my father enjoyed the most,” another said, “was how the owner’s wife called us
just to see how we were doing regardless of if it was about the pool or
just us. We really enjoyed doing business with them and would hire 
them again in the future [and] refer a friend.”

Anything Wet Pools & Spas has a 4,500 square foot showroom in Boynton Beach.

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About Anything Wet Pools & Spas

Anything Wet Pools & Spas is committed to providing each of its customers with outstanding service, and making sure that each one has everything that they need to have a positive experience. As the leading South Florida designer of customer swimming pools and spas, the company makes sure that every job is done on time and within budget, no matter how big or how small it is.
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